Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the order minimum?

  The order minimum is $400.00 for truck deliveries.

2. What is my normal delivery day?


There is a route code at the top of your invoice. Each route code begins with the number that indicates the day of the week. (1) Monday - (2) Tuesday - (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday
If you are unsure please contact your Inside Sales Representative to find out your delivery day.


3. When do I need to place my order?


All customers are set-up on an order cycle of two business days prior to delivery. Orders placed early allows for greater efficiency in our Warehouse and Routing departments. We will do our best to accommodate you if you cannot meet the two day deadline and will take orders up to 2pm on the day before delivery.


4. What are my order method options?


You may place your order by phone 718-458-2900, fax 718-228-2918, email, or online Fauna Foods E-commerce Store.


5. Who is my Inside Sales Representative/Outside Sales Representative?


You may dial zero when calling and the receptionist will look-up the requested information.


6. How do I need to pay for my first order?


First orders must be paid by cash, money order or bank certified check only.  All orders after that may be paid by check provided your bank submitted an acceptable Bank Inquiry form to our Accounting department.  You may pay by credit card using Visa or MasterCard with an additional 3% charge.


7. What are my payment terms?


All new customers are set-up as CASH or CERTIFIED. Once an acceptable Bank Inquiry form has been submitted to our Accounting department your account will change to C.O.D. (Check on Delivery)

8. How do I return products?

You may call in your return when placing your order by phone(718-458-2900), fax (718-228-2918) or email ( Note: We cannot take back expired product, frozen or raw diets. Products must have at least four months before expiration date and all returns must be in resalable condition (free of pricing, stickers, etc.).


9. What is my delivery charge?


The fuel delivery surcharge fluctuates with fuel prices and is listed on our invoice with the item number A1 or A2.


10. Do you ship orders via UPS?


We will ship orders via UPS if a customer requests it. All shipping expenses will be at your cost. Shipping charges are based on weight.  Exclusions include cat litter and perishable items such as raw and frozen diets.


11. Do you automatically send out items that are backordered?


We do not automatically send backordered items. These items will need to be reordered for future deliveries.


12. I ordered an item and did not receive it and it is not on my invoice, what does this mean?


This typically means the item is discontinued. Please contact your Inside Sales Representative to verify the availability of the item.


13. Can I place an order with anyone in Inside Sales?


Please use the assigned ISR whenever possible. The ISR assigned to your account may have additional paperwork or deals that are specific to your account. However, any available ISR can take your order.


14. Where can I find my pricing?


Pricing may be found in our price book catalog, on your invoice, or online when you log into your account through the Fauna Foods E-commerce Store.


15. How do the price levels work?


All customers are assigned a price level.  See the below chart outlining Fauna Foods’ price level thresholds.  As a new customer you are assigned Level 5 and after 60 days you are assigned Level 3.  You also have an opportunity get a better price every week.


Level 3 - $350.00 - $999.00


Level 4 - $1,000.00 - $1,999.00


Level 5 - $2,000.00 - $2,499.00


Level 6 - $2,500.00 - $3,199.00


Level 7 - $3,200.00 - $5,999.00


Level 8 - $6,000.00 and higher


16. How can I get a better price every week?


Fauna Foods pricing system will automatically step-up your price level on an invoice if you meet the threshold of a higher level.  The system adjusts your price level by invoice even though you may be assigned a lower level.  Example, a customer assigned Level 3 will get Level 4 pricing if their invoice total is $1,001.00 before tax (where applicable).  Note: Fauna Foods system will never bill you at a higher price if you fall below the threshold of your assigned level.


17. Can I add on to my order?


You may add to your order until 2PM day before delivery.